Ya Know Some Guys Just Can't Hold Their Arsenic...

Useless Inquiries   im JOY
Pure Happiness Found In:
•Jason Mraz♥
•Chocolate & Cornmuffins♥

Love is where link, Spongebob, mario, Jason Mraz, Christian Bale, bugs bunny, daffy duck, God, ethan cohn, yoshi, chocolate,JGL, cornmuffins, my little cousins, nintendo, my wii, and gamecube convene happily together with relient k music playing in the background(:

I hail from NYC, where The Common Folk are a minority xD

LaGuardia Arts 14' ♥ | DRama :D

Most know me for my "random, delayed, obnoxious" laughter, others for my obsession with Jason Mraz, and more so my sarcasm(:

So I'm not going to pretend I'm ultra deep and that profound quotes spew out of my mouth while sitting at the computer. I'm definitely neither photogenic nor a great photo taker in general, so don't expect too much of that.

I smile to myself.


I'm not forcing you to go down any further.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame Someday...Until Then...

...Thats about it...